UI for the sommelier bot

UI for the sommelier bot


Create easy-to-use solution that will help to facilitate the process of choosing the right combination of wine and food.


The general idea of customer’s startup is an app that chooses restaurants by specific criteria and gives some recommendations. The Client inspired by AI technology trends appealed to Intetics to add some new experience to the app and integrate custom sommelier AI into a Chatbot, that allows to advice you the right combination of wine and food. So Chatbot easily automated the part of the process, boosted overall marketing image and added some fun to app user experience. The Client wanted to use Node-RED tool for integration of chatbot elements (back-end, messaging channels, NLP system and front-end) to be able to adjust application logic without further involvement of professional software developers.


Intetics team worked carefully with all inputs provided by the Client to develop a solution which will be seamlessly integrated into the Client’s application.

The following technologies were used for the solution:

  • IBM Watson as a Natural Language Processing framework to process and check users’ inputs and as a chatbot framework for chatbot logic;
  • Facebook Messenger and in-app chatbox as chatbot channels;
  • Custom app API endpoints to process data received from users, and provide appropriate answers;
  • Web-form for restaurant counterparts to update their offerings.

Mobile app was enriched with a chatbot – trendy functionality. Great mix of human wine experience and trending technology of future. 24/7 advice to app users regarding wine pairing and restaurant selection. Easy-to-adjust functionality without programming skills.


As a result, the Client got a virtual assistant that can interact with an app customer 24/7. A chatbot offers an experience focused on natural and efficient conversation, so it works the same as any human sommelier. It allows to automate the hard selection process and give exquisite cuisine advice in an entertaining and fun way. People nowadays are highly mobile, tech-savvy and open to using Chatbots for both information and purchase, so it makes lots of sense for commerce-based decision making.

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